Can't Start a New Project?[ADDRESSED]

I tried starting a new project (File -> New Project) and I do everything like I did the first time around but it won’t let me create the new project file!
Any help?

At which step does it oust you?

For example, this is the steps I take to create a new project.

  1. Select “File” -> “New Project”
  2. The “Create New Scrivener Project” opens.
  3. I fill a name into the “New Project File Name” field.
  4. I select a template.
  5. I hit the “Create” button.

Where in there is it giving out on you?

I do all the steps but the Create button doesn’t show up. It stays “hidden”(?).

When you create new scrivener project are you selecting Non-fiction/Poetry or Misc templates? As none of those allow me to create a new project name either.

Blank, Fiction and Scriptwriting templates work…

Maybe someone knows if these templates just are not yet active in the beta??

Yes, those templates that aren’t working haven’t been completed yet but they will be for the release I believe.

I have registered my new copy of 2.0, but as far as new project templates go, I still only have three for the Fiction category (Nano, Novel, and Novel with parts), and nothing else. There are no templates in the Non-Fiction, Scriptwriting or Poetry & Lyrics projects.

Are these to come with an update, or am I missing something?



Hmmm… if you have Scrivener 2, that would be the Apple version, I think. In this windows forum we are still working with the first beta… might check over on the Apple side.

Hope this helps…

Woah! I apologize. I did a quick search and came upon this topic. Apparently I need to pay more attention to the root.

Sorry to bother.