Can't Start/Open Newly Purchased 3.0 Program, PLEASE HELP!

Hi everyone,

Apologies if this topic has been covered, but I have just bought Scrivener and it seems not to be working properly. When I tried to begin my first project it didn’t open the program at all–I had to go into my files and find what I had just created. And that project’s layout page doesn’t look how it should, as I have watched several tutorial videos about getting started on Scrivener. Even the binder section on the side is completely blank (the only thing there is the word “binder”, which is half cut off from the bottom), and if I try to use any of the features on top nothing happens–if there are any features there at all. The whole layout is essentially blank, with a few unusable icons on the top. I have tried to delete the program multiple times, reboot, and download again, but to no avail. I have no idea why this is happening.

Please help me! :cry:

If you boot to safe mode, does Scrivener run?

Hi Bridey, thanks for your response.

I tried rebooting with safe mode twice: the first time Scrivener ran pretty much the same as it had been (not working at all but opening to an extent), and the second time it simply wouldn’t open.

Ouch. Sounds as though you need tech support:

Good luck.