Can't switch Dropbox account and now I'm locked out altogether

Initially synced Scrivener iOS app to use my personal dropbox.

Then thought better of it and wanted to switch it to my business dropbox.

Apparently there is no way to do this??

Even changed my password on the personal dropbox account hoping that it would prompt Scrivener to give me a re-login screen.
Must be an active session because Scrivener still accesses the personal Dropbox account.

So then I go into my dropbox account and rescind permission for Scrivener account.

Now Scrivener iOS fails to sync and tells me to restart the app. Which I have done over and over but still no relogin to Dropbox prompt.

Went into iOS settings and clicked all the Reset Scrivener options. Restarted Scrivener. Nope, still trying to sync into the old dropbox account.

So I uninstall Scrivener iOS and then reinstall. It starts off with the tutorial screens. Good sign… but then it tries to sync Dropbox with old credentials and fails. STILL no RE-LOGIN screen.

So now… I’m locked out of using Dropbox at altogether in Scrivener, with no recourse. Can’t reenable permissions through Dropbox side for Scrivener, since Scrivener has to kick off the oAuth request. But it isn’t requesting and I’m out of options unless I missed something.


Oh wait, I think I found it.

I forgot how I got there, but there’s an unlink dropbox option.
But it wasn’t intuitive…

In case anyone else runs into the little circus I went through, let’s see…

Click Edit on left column top right (when in landscape),
Then click on the left column bottom right gear icon that shows up.

Choose Unlink Dropbox option.

That’ll do it.
Sorry for wasting your time.

But if anyone else gets the run around, hope this helps you.

Thanks for this! I was just stumbling around looking for this and only found it after your post.

I think these Dropbox options really need to be located under the Global Settings or something.

It’s not possible to put the Dropbox settings in Apple’s Settings app, if that’s what you mean. You are very limited in the sort of settings you can put in Settings app.

So the settings are in a gear icon in the project lists’ Edit mode. I think that makes sense, as it’s not something you are going to need to do very often.

Glad I could help, Sprejon.

KB- maybe have a relogin or unlink dropbox option more prominent somehow in the app? It wasn’t easy for me to find and I’m usually good with navigating software on-the-fly. I think at the least when there’s a failed sync attempt, the app should prompt for a re-login or popup the option to unlink / link dropbox.

Despite this little hiccup, though, I’ve been loving the app. Great job bringing it mobile and totally worth the wait.

Thanks for this - got one more - if you link to a directory, then delete that directory, the app crashes…hard and badly. I had to delete the app and reinstall before I could get it to stay up long enough to change directories.

Thanks, I’ll look into that.

All the best,