Can't sync Indexcard for iPhone with Scrivener?

Just wondering, but is it possible to sync Scrivener with Indexcard for iPhone? I can’t find a way to do this.


Yes, you’ll find instructions for that in §13.4 (pg. 163) of the user manual.

Dear all,

sorry for bringing up this old post again. But I seem to have a problem syncing Scrivener with IndexCard for iPhone. Whenever I follow the nevessary steps in the manual and open the resulting .indexcard file from my DropBox in the IndexCard app, it only shows the title of the note, but not the main text of the synced passage. Do I have to insert themain text in another field (e.g. ‘summary’)? I reckoned this would be done automatically by the export mechanism. Any help is very appreciated!


I just double-checked with the latest versions and everything is working fine on this end, so I would take a look at your settings in both programs. It is possible to not include main text in the file Scrivener creates via a checkbox in the sync dialogue. It is also possible (and I believe even the default state) for Index Card to not show the Long Text field, where your draft content will appear from Scrivener.

That. Was. Exactly. It. Thank you so much! You made my day (and it’s only 4.30am here)!