Can't sync project cross platform using Dropbox?

Hi there.

I am new to the forum.

I own a Macbook for home and a Windows laptop, which I work on during the day. I have been trialing Scrivener and was about to purchase for both platforms, when I found a problem.

I am using Dropbox to ensure both my Macbook and Windows laptop can access the same project, but it appears to be problematic. My Windows laptop keeps telling me that the project my Macbook is using is a ‘newer version’ so cannot be opened. I realise Scrivener for Windows doesn’t have v3 yet, but the only option I saw online is to keep exporting a ‘Scrivener 2 project’ each time I want to swap from my Macbook to my Windows laptop. Surely there must be a better way??

If I am to buy both versions of Scrivener in the bundle, then I need the project to sync seamlessly.

You can export as a Scrivener 2 project, or use a Mac Scrivener 3 license for unlocking Mac Scrivener 2.9 which is compatible with Windows 1. Cross-platform compatibility info here: … patibility

Legacy download link:

Hi there.

I opted for the exporting of the file as ‘Scrivener 2 Project’. However, after working on the file and exporting again, I went back into the file to see this error message. I have tried accessing from Scrivener Windows and both Scrivener 2 and 3 on my Mac, but I get the same message (see attachment). Very worried as I have followed the instructions and no files are found of that name when I ’ show package contents’.


Are you using the latest version of Win Scrivener?
And are you sure that the Dropbox app on your PC was given enough time to sync everything to the DB server before you turned it off?