Can't synch Scrivener projects via One Drive

I run Scrivener on two Win 10 laptops but cannot open a Scrivener project on both. I can only edit the project on the originating computer. I appreciate any advice/guidance. Thank you.

Does this article help? … e-advisory


I tried going to the Scrivener.exe file in the Scrivener folder of the program files directory. The compatibility tab of the properties screen has no option to check for One Drive, as mentioned by the advisory. In fact, it makes no reference to Win 10, only Win 8. I’m wondering if I have an older version of Scrivener, although when I check for updates I am told the program is up to date.

What version of Scrivener do you have? The Help -> About Scrivener command will tell you.

When you try to open the project on the second computer, what happens?

If you put the two laptops side by side and use Windows Explorer to look at the .scriv folders for the project on both systems, are there any obvious differences?

Are you otherwise able to transfer material to the second computer? That is, are you sure that OneDrive itself is working correctly?


I don’t know what happened, but now everything seems to be working normally and I can open the project on both computers. Either it’s a miracle or the Scrivener Community assisted via magic. Either way, I’m happy. Thank you.