Can't turn off the background image file in Compose.

The other day I downloaded an image of a typewriter for the compose background of my current project on Scrivener 3.

However, a few days later I was tired of it. I went back to Project Settings, disabled the image and returned to compose. It was still there.

Not to be daunted, I saved the Project, closed it, rebooted my Mac and then went back into the Project. I checked Project Settings and No Backdrop was clicked. Then I went back into compose mode and…guess what? The typewriter image was still there.

Does anyone have any clue on how I can remove that image from the compose background? It’s driving me slightly nutso.

To clarify, you have No backdrop selected in the Background Images pane of project settings, and you still get a backdrop image?

Is it actually a background image, or did you perhaps apply this setting as a texture, in the Appearance: Composition Mode: Colors preference tab, for Screen Background?