Can't turn off typewriter in composition/full screen

I’ve tried the Ctrl T and the Ctrl G and nothing works. I am able to turn of typewriter in the non-compost ion screen by clicking on Format, then Options, then check or on check typewriter. I am using a Lenovo Laptop g505s and running windows 8.1 (God help me). There MUST! be an easy way of resolving this that I am not identifying. I read one place that you hit Ctrl, then a command button, the T or G- I know only macs have a command button and the button with the windows icon is supposed to serve that purpose on this front. However, the bloody keyboard doesn’t have a windows key…just the four-squares key that takes you to the unsettling 8.1 start page.

In short - HELP! :confused:

Thank you

You’re supposed to hit first ctrl+G, then Ctrl+ T. (so in that order, without doing anything else in between). Did you try that?

If you go to option - editor - you can also turn it off for new projects. There’s a separate box specifically for full screen. (I personally like it in full screen but not so much when I’m not working in full screen)

OMG, Sandra, what color halo did you want for your birthday? It worked. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your help. Just to show I’ve been attending the How-to-be-redundant workshop: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!