Can't update an item in the Status List and why is there a cross icon in the context menu?

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I repurposed my Status List for Story Structure

I can select the “Hook” item but it reverts to the default “No Status” (!).

In the context menu, the item has a cross icon in front of it.
Screenshot (262)

Anyone knows why this is happening? What can I do about it?

Sorry. I found this in the User Manual:

C.3.2 Defaults and Fallbacks
In both lists there is one entry (“No Label” and “No Status”) that cannot be removed.
This is a fallback, or what will be printed whenever an item doesn’t have
a label or status. You can change the name of this entry by double-clicking on
the text of it, just as with a normal label or status (in the example figure, we’ve
changed our example to “N/A”, for indicating that the item isn’t applicable to a
PoV assignment—maybe it is a page of research). For labels, this entry cannot
have a colour assigned to it, and so that space will otherwise display an “X”.

I named the item back to No Status and created a new item called Hook.
Now I can assign the Hook structure to the first scene. I renamed the No Status item to No Structure Beat, but got the same result: it reverts to No Status after selecting. So now I have No Status AND No Structure Beat items. That works. :wink:

It’s just that I’ve made No Structure Beat the Default and when I create a new scene the Structure item is… Inciting Incident. :smiley:

Some of that behaviour sounds a bit buggy to me, like maybe the internal IDs have some wires crossed. If you open the .scrivx in an XML editor and search for the <StatusSettings> element, could you paste its contents here? It should look something like this (from defaults):

            <Status ID="-1">No Status</Status>
            <Status ID="1">To Do</Status>
            <Status ID="6">In Progress</Status>
            <Status ID="2">First Draft</Status>
            <Status ID="3">Revised Draft</Status>
            <Status ID="4">Final Draft</Status>
            <Status ID="5">Done</Status>

Here’s what I got from a blank project test:

  1. Edit Project Settings to change the stock default status text to “Test”.
  2. All binder items are now associated with “Test”, as expected.
  3. Flip through each assignment, and they all set properly. Return the setting back to “Test”.
  4. Add a status called “New”. Assignment works fine. I set it back to “Test”.
  5. In Project Settings, select “New” and click the Make Default button.
  6. Any items not previously set to something are now “New”.

So basic functioning is working, which is why I wonder if something is damaged in the XML.

            <Status ID="-1">No Status</Status>
            <Status ID="9">No Structure Beat</Status>
            <Status ID="22">Prologue</Status>
            <Status ID="17">Act 1</Status>
            <Status ID="24">Hook</Status>
            <Status ID="12">Set up</Status>
            <Status ID="1">Inciting incident</Status>
            <Status ID="11">Build up</Status>
            <Status ID="13">Key Event</Status>
            <Status ID="2">First Plot Point</Status>
            <Status ID="20">Act 2</Status>
            <Status ID="14">React</Status>
            <Status ID="4">1st Pinch Point</Status>
            <Status ID="15">Realisation</Status>
            <Status ID="7">2nd Plot point</Status>
            <Status ID="16">Action</Status>
            <Status ID="5">2nd Pinch Point</Status>
            <Status ID="3">2nd half on 2nd Act</Status>
            <Status ID="10">3rd Plot Point</Status>
            <Status ID="21">Act 3</Status>
            <Status ID="18">Recovery</Status>
            <Status ID="6">Climax begins</Status>
            <Status ID="19">Confrontation</Status>
            <Status ID="0">Climatic moment</Status>
            <Status ID="8">Resolution</Status>
            <Status ID="23">Epilogue</Status>

Looks as expected to me, all IDs are accounted for. The default is the right one, when I create a new Text in Act 1, I still get Inciting Incident as Structure, which has ID 1.


Section Types are Structure Based (for now).

Okay, I think what was throwing me is that I was using the inspector to verify, and this looks to be purely a display bug in the outliner (on the corkboard you wouldn’t see it because we hide the default status stamp to keep the corkboard cleaner). I managed to reproduce it with a simple blank project as well.


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