I get a update message when I start up Scriv on my windows pc. However, when I click the download button I get an error which says “can’t complete download becausethe installation path & the runtime path are different etc etc” or something like that then gives you the file destination for each which is exactly the same (???)

Also I have 2 computers with scriv & those 2 are being replaced by new pc’s so how do I get scriverner on them as I’m at my limit for licence use but i would be removing from the old to put on the new (& yes I have Scriv on another Computer which was obly recently purchased - and yes I know I have too many computers … I also have a Mac!)

thanks !

I’d run the uninstall.exe for your current installation and then download the latest version from the website and reinstall to fix your update problem. Probably you should reboot after the uninstall but before the re-install.

As for your license conundrum, you should just be able to activate your license on the new computers. That will, if I understand the process correctly, invalidate your oldest activation. If that happens to be a computer you’re still using, just re-activate it with your license, and that will invalidate your next-oldest license. Eventually, your soon-to-be-former computers’ licenses will be invalidated, and you’ll be done.

Presumably the computers you’re getting rid of already have the oldest activations, so this won’t be as tedious as it sounds.

Just deactivate the computers you’re removing Scrivener from via the Help menu, then install and activate on the new computers. Make sure you copy all your projects from the old to the new machines, and any global settings, templates, etc. that you’ve created and want to save. This article provides instructions for copying default backups, script settings, etc. from one computer to another.

Thanks guys appreciate it !