Can't update my scrivener (from 1.9.7)

Hello! I just tried to update my scrivener. I know this is really an old version, but I’ve been happy with it until recently since im using it with a friend who has the newest one. I cant update, even trying to download it again and uninstalling and re-installing, and of course the update inside scrivener doesn’t works either, do I need to purchase a licence again or anyone knows how I can update this?

nevermind I think I just realized that scrivener 3.0 is for mac only, not for windows yet, that explains a couple of things… I guess there is nothing i can do for compatibility then?

Hello Gacocl,
The windows 3 version of Scrivener is due out later this year. There is a beta version released and available for you to try should you wish. It is recommended that you don’t use it for serious projects as it is still in beta and some functions are not yet complete and there are still bugs which are being reported and removed as the program nears release.