Can't update to

When I try to update to the April release…I get this an error…which apparently I can’t post an image? hmmmm…

error trying to install file: destination $(instll.dlr) resolved to an empty value

Hmmm, the forum used to have plenty of messages about this. If I recall, the most common resolutions were to download and install the full version instead of going through the menu to update, and to make sure your antivirus software is not running when you install.

Thanks, I found an old thread someplace about it…and will just try a fresh install.

It happened to me and what I did was download the new version from scratch


I also received the error when attempting to update from within Scrivener (Windows v. >
For security reasons, I work in my user account, not the admin account, and figured this might have something to do with update failure.

I’m also running Norton Antivirus and Malwarebytes. I disabled CryptoPrevent, but to no avail.


Yes, that doesn’t work yet, to auto-update when sensibly running as non-admin for security – it’s on @Tiho’s list

The answer is to download the fresh installer, and then run it ‘as Admin’ from right-Mouse menu. This works fine, as it should.

I think they plan a revamp before long of the installer, but as always, according to perspective on what’s needed more urgently.

Thanks for the reply.
Downloading the installer and running the installation using the right-click admin option from my user account worked fine.
If it doesn’t cause other issues, it would be a nice addition to force the installer to install as admin when running in a user account.


Not everyone who uses Scrivener has admin permissions on their computer. Think, for example, about the average user on a work-administered machine. If it requires admin permission, you either need to wait until IT pushes the app out to your machine, or you can’t use it (even if you have permission.)

The non-admin installation follows best Windows practices and uses the current user’s directories for the installation and configuration locations, allowing them to use it for just themselves. As @narrsd says, it’s on list of bugs to fix at some future point.

You tagged the wrong Tiho. It’s @tiho_d who is the Windows dev… :slight_smile:

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thanks – guess I can’t fix it, as the post’s been answered…usually I remember; think @tiho_d will forgive me :slight_smile: