Can't Update

I’m running Scrivener 1.54, and was asked to update upon launch. I followed all instructions, update was downloaded, and I clicked to relaunch and install—nothing. I then went to the Scrivener site, followed instructions, paid (with discount) for update. Received my email receipt for paying for update to 2.0… but still can’t update version 1.54 to 2.0 on my Mac. Instead, every time I launch Scrivener I just keep getting the same pop-up box that alerts me to a new version (2.0) and asks me to update. Even though I have already attempted to do so 3 times. I’m at a loss, now.

Anyone have some quick advice as to what is going on here? If more details are needed, please specify and I’ll be happy to include more info.

Thanks in advance to those that help,


I was finally able to get the update to download. 2.0 is ready to rock and roll, except that now it is telling me that my Serial Number Name and actual number do not match. I’m not sure what else to do, I’m copying, letter for letter, the information supplied to me via email from Literature and Latte. Will keep trying.

Is it always this difficult to update?


Apologies if these posts have been bothersome. Maybe some others have had similar issues during their attempts…?

Make sure you are using the new number. There should be a “001” in the first block, not a “000”, and ensure the dialogue box you are pasting the info into has the new icon with a silver ‘S’ in it.

I too am having exactly the same problem. The update window pops up and asks me to install the update, but then when it’s installed and click the “install and relaunch” button, nothing happens.

No upgrade, nothing but back to square one, and the window asking me do I want to upgrade.

All this despite the fact it says I can download the upgrade, for free, as I am a 1.54 user who bought said program in Nov 2010!

Please advise, because if I have to hit that button one more time, I might scream.

I have now lost two hours of writing thanks to this. Not a great start to using this program.

As the instructions in the 1.54 update pop-up explain, you need to download version 2 from the website. Because it is a paid upgrade for many 1.54 users, there was some confusion about that when people just clicked to download and install the update without reading the “paid” notice and were then cast into trial mode. Unfortunately because of the Sparkle framework for 1.54, there wasn’t a really good way to go about addressing this, so in the end it was adjusted so that clicking upgrade doesn’t grab 2.0 but 1.54 again, forcing (hopefully) people to actually read the notice and realize they’re going to have to pay.

Obviously in your case you get it free, yay! But you still need to download from here and install it, then enter your new license number and name and you’ll be good to go!

Thank you! I realized after the first several attempts and, on re-reading the notice, that I was probably lacking the relevant brain-cells this morning (lack of coffee anyone?) to digest what the notice was telling me. I then read:

"To update to 2.0, please use the special update page of our web store: … 1634174866

Eh, and did follow the instructions. Mea culpa!

My apologies. I guess we’re not all as bright as we think. lol