Can't update

My wife and I both use scrivener (3 different machines) and have not been able to update to the new version on any of the machines. We get an error that says:
Installation and runtime location mismatch
Scrivener is not currently running from its last installed location.

I don’t know how to make heads or tails of that, but on none of the 3 machines has Scrivener been moved from one folder to another or otherwise modified in any way. We simply downloaded and then proceeded to use the software.

Though I am only posting this now, we have gone through several cycles of missed updates because of this problem. Currently using version 1.6.1 for windows.

Anyone have thoughts on how to fix this?


This is a bug that was in some of the older update installers. You can fix the problem, and update simultaneously, by downloading the regular installer from the web site and running that. You can install it right over your current version if you wish. Sorry for the inconvenience!

This fix worked beautifully.

Thank you!