Can't upgrade, Can't uninstall

I have version 1.5.7 installed on a Surface Pro with Windows 8.

I get an error:

So I downloaded 1.6.0 directly. I ran the installer and it seems to have upgraded (Says version 1.6.0 when I check “About Scrivener”)

However, I’m concerned the installer did not work properly as there is no uninstaller. I attempted to uninstall using REVO Uninstaller but it is telling me there is no uninstaller package.

Is there a procedure for manually uninstalling scrivener so I can do a completely fresh install?

As a side note, I checked the registry and noticed that the path for the directory for “Location” has all of the strokes in the opposite direction of the other registry values

i.e. C:\Users\hiiga_000.SURFACETEST\Documents\Scrivener instead of C:/Users/hiiga_000.SURFACETEST/Documents/Scrivener

Could that be causing the problem?

Edit: Well, I went and manually changed the registry entry just to see if it changed anything and it doesn’t.

I can’t find any uninstaller in the program directory. This is getting to be very frustrating. Does anybody know the manual uninstallation process? Do I manually need to delete the registry entries as well?

You could delete the registry entries, but it’s a bit risky to muck around in there, so before attempting that I’d first try just deleting the Scrivener installation folder and reinstalling 1.6 from the full installer. The registry entries won’t have any bearing on the missing files in the installation, so you shouldn’t really need to do anything with them.