Can't use ``Compile'' function in Windows

Help! With the new version, I can’t Compile my manuscript, either in Enumerated Outline or any of the other categories, and I’ve tried every option, including RTF, doc, text, PDF. I’ve reloaded the software, etc etc. Getting desperate.
The response is always the same: A problem has caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will notify you if a solution is found (or something like that);
Help please! I’m on deadline.

This is a bug that’s been fixed for the next update. The problem is including documents in compile that have no actual text compiling, so as a workaround you can deselect these from the “include” list in the Contents pane of the compile sheet (click the down-pointing arrow if you don’t see this option; you can also set it per-document in the inspector) or add some text to these empty files that you can then strip out after compile.