Can't use Edit Scrivenings


I can’t use Edit Scrivenings because although it appears in the menu and on the toolbar it is greyed out and can’t be selected. Can anyone explain why this is happening and if I can change it?



The Edit Scrivenings mode is used to view the text of multiple documents at once (as though they were a single document), so you need to have multiple documents selected before it becomes available. You can either select arbitrary documents with Cmd-click (in the binder, corkboard, or outliner) or select a document stack or folder with subdocuments. Also, since it’s a text view, the documents selected (or contained within a selected folder/doc stack) must all be text documents, not images or other file types.

Are you doing that and it still isn’t working?

Also, it sounds as though you are still using version 1.x of Scrivener - switching between the corkboard, outliner and scrivenings modes, and seeing when and how you can use scrivenings, has become much easier in version 2.0.

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