Can't use scrivener

When I load Scrivener from “Application” here is what I get: “Story Structure Template for Mac Backup” FRONT MATTER Read me first. Is there any other place where I should be able to open Scrivener. I still need to be able to download the book and confirm with you regarding the scrivener CD that I bought during the purchase of Scrivener (a few days ago).

I can only see Scrivener in Applications. What opens up for me is “Story Structure Template for Mac backup” Front Matter, and this page does not have any of the tabs that the video instructs me to use. When I close this page “Story Structure TEmplace for Mac Backup” then a window shows up, it contains “Interactive Tutorial”; “Scrivener User Manual” and “Video Tutorials” . To the left of this window there are named tabs: “Getting Started”; “Blank” “Fiction”; “non-Fiction”; “Scriptwriting”; “Poetry & Lyrics”; “Miscellaneous”.

Can anyone help, please? I teach structure for novelists. I truly need to be able to use Scrivener. Thank you.

Scrivener is opening the last project you had open when you quit Scrivener previously, which is apparently a backup for a story structure template project?

Watch the following video to get a quick overview of Scrivener. Once you’ve seen that, then I’d create an Interactive Tutorial project and go through that to become familiar with the writer’s toolbox that is Scrivener.