Can't use the strikethrough function in any projects

It’s greyed out in the drop down menu from the font. I’ve checked my system prefs, and the zoom is turned off, and I unchecked the shortcut for zoom in my mouse/keyboard preferences. But I don’t think it’s the shortcut that’s the problem; as mentioned before, the strikethrough option is there in the fonts drop-down, but greyed out.

Am I being repetitive? :question: (Having the same problem in my ms, which is why I need the strikethrough. :smiley: )

WHOA, waitaminute. I just checked another, older project, and with it, the ITALICS option is greyed out, but strikethrough works fine.

Is it cocktail hour yet??

Might I suggest that the font which you have used does not have the proper support for those options?

Just a thought.

Actually, Jasen, you can suggest that I get up and back slowly away from the computer. :blush: I have obviously been here too long, as I have suddenly discovered everything seems to work fine (in the main editor, anyway) when I actually highlight the word or phrase I want to change. (I can’t use strikethrough in the Inspector panel, but I can live with that.)


Wouldn’t a better solution be to wake vic-k up and have him pour you another? I know that the real reason he is missing is you have him locked up in the basement, forcing him to meet your every drink based whim. You have him. Admit it!

Shut up. The cat found that little camera in the fake geraniums I have down there, and it won’t do you any good anymore. So there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Italics certainly depend on the font being used - certain fonts (such as Lucida Grande) do not support italics).

The strikethrough option is only available for selected text. It may indeed not be available in the inspector in 1.0; in 2.0 a lot of the underlying custom text code has been consolidated so that more options like this are available in the inspector, so strikethrough will definitely work in the notes pane in 2.0.

All the best,