Can't use thinkpad trackpoint scroll?

I’m using WinXP SP 3 system and I downloaded a free trial for windows version. But while I’m using it, I found scrivener doesn’t allow me to scroll! I don’t know if this is because I’m using the thinkpad trackpoint scroll or this is a bug. And I really don’t know if I should buy the official version if things can’t change.


I don’t normally use the J mouse or touch pad but trying just now I find it works for me, same behaviour as with Firefox.

I do see that the touch pad scroll area (right edge) works to scroll in Visual Studio but not in Scrivener or Firefox. To scroll in either of those I have to have the mouse pointer in the scroll bar slider, hold down a lefthand touchpad button and move the J mouse or slide a finger on the touchpad.

I normally use an external mouse and external monitor.

Win XP sp3, Thinkpad T61p.

Thank you for your reply. But I didn’t make myself clear. My laptop is Thinkpad X200, so I’m using the red cap with middle scroll button to scroll. It works like a scroll wheel and it works well in Firefox and other softwares. But it just cannot work in Scrivener. I have to drag the scroll bar (the scroll thumb) up and down, which makes it very inconvenient.

I see. For me J mouse and trackpoint mean the same, the thing with the red rubber cap. I see the middle button puts up a little scrollbar image but it does nothing for me on Scrivener or Firefox (11) but does work with Visual Studio, Notepad, Pdf-Xchange Viewer.

A quick check of a review of the X200 shows it has Bluetooth so you might try either a Bluetooth (no dongle required) or USB wireless mouse.

It might also be useful to see if there’s a driver or program available that will allow the trackpoint + middle button to emulate a scroll wheel.

Maybe you have old mouse driver?
Last mouse driver for x200: … D=DS002430


I had this problem with an X200 Tablet, and found the solution to be installing the 64 bit driver for the trackball…the 32 bit driver didn’t work…delighted that this problem is now resolved, as it was a serious impediment to using the program.