Can't View Document as a Whole.

I’m working on a long document (135,000 words).
It is contained within a single folder, with 3 parts, several chapters within each part, and several files within each chapter.
When I click on the files, I can view them and edit them.
HOWEVER, when I click on the main folder, the parts or the chapters, I cannot view the text.
Until yesterday, when I clicked on these folders, Scrivener automatically joined together all sub-folders/files into a single long text in the editor. Now, it just says the name of the folder in the editor (EG. My main folder is called “CCJ”, so it says “CCJ Folder” but my text is not there). It also doesn’t show the word count for the whole document/whole part/whole chapter anymore.

How do I fix this?

Sounds like you may have just accidentally switched out of Scrivenings view, so it’s just loading the text for the selected folder (since in Scrivener folders and documents can both contain their own text as well as have subdocuments)–and as your folders don’t contain any text of their own, nothing’s displaying in the editor. Try selecting View > Scrivenings.

You were absolutely right. Thank you.
I learned that in tutorial so I ought to have remembered.