Can't view files from another user

Hi (again!),

I’ve been happily proofing a document from an author without any issues. However, she has now sent me her updated files which I’ve successfully extracted, BUT, I’m getting the attached error message when I click into the .scrivx file

I’ve checked for updates, but there aren’t any available.

Anyone experienced this before and can give me some pointers please?

Thanks again in advance,
Scrivener error.JPG

Hi Sarah,

as far as I kwow, there has been a change in the file format since the latest update for MacOS (2.7.0) from 15th September, that could cause this error message. For example, if the author used
a) the latest MacOS version or
b) the latest Windows beta build (which also uses the new format).

You don’t get an update notice, because the new Windows-Version (1.9) has not been officially released yet. To open the project now, IMHO, you only have two options: wait for 1.9 or install the latest beta release. You can read more about the change here.

Hope that helps you.


And here’s info on the changes in that beta release. The problem of the compatibility errors you’re seeing is being discussed on this thread.