Can't view files when Open Existing Project from another use


I can’t seem to open files sent to me by an author that she wants me to proof read in Scrivener. It’s my first time using the system but I presumed that I just click the option ‘Open Existing Project’ once logged in.

I did this and I can see all her chapters in the left hand side binder, but I don’t see any content when clicking into the specific files. There is definitely content there! - See attached screenshots of what I can see without the content.

Can anyone offer a newbie some advice please? What I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,

PS. I’m on a trial version - does that affect things?

Is it correct to say that you got a file that ended in “.scrivx”? If so, then what they sent you was just a kind of ‘index’ of the project, and not the entire project. It should look like a folder (ends in .scriv without the ‘x’) and should contain other folders and files.

Assuming they only sent the .scrivx file, ask them to do this:

Open the project in Scrivener.

  1. Go to File->Back Up->Back Up To…
  2. (Very IMPORTANT) select the Back Up as ZIP check-box.
  3. Select a folder for the backup that they can get to easily
  4. Choose a name like “My excellent novel-editor copy1”.
  5. Click OK
  6. Locate the file in the folder they chose.
  7. Send that file to you.

You will then save that file to your hard drive, and then right-click and choose “extract all” or similar from the pop-up menu in Windows. Once that’s done, double-click on the .scriv folder, and then on the .scrivx file within.

To return the edited project, repeat the steps above.

Thanks so much for your detailed response. In fact my client has done all of what you recommend. I received a zip file with .scriv files inside - Files, Quicklook, Settings and the .scrivx file - so that is what I’m clicking on to open, but I still just see the bare bones structure rather than her actual written content.

Now what do I do?! However without opening Scrivener, when I double click on the inner .scrivx file, I get the attached error message. Any further advice?

Thanks again so much - appreciate your time.
Scrivener error message.JPG

Have you extracted the contents of the zip file to your disk? If it is all still inside the zip, then it will be read-only as the error suggests, and may also impact how well it can link up to internal files. What I would do is just drag the whole “Creativist Compendium.scriv” folder from the .zip to your Documents folder, close the zip window and then proceed using the version on your disk.

You’re a star! I thought I had extracted all the files and was working from there but I thought I’d take your advice and start again, and hey presto, it worked!

So turns out it was my administrative ineptitude, rather than technology … this time!

Thanks again,

It is absolutely necessary to tell WinZip (or whatever program you’re using) to CREATE FOLDERS prior to extracting the files, otherwaise you’ll just get a big mess. This tripped me up several times in the beginning.