Can't View Imported Images in Scrivener

Hello. I’ve had an issue in Scrivener for a couple of versions where certain images cannot be viewed in the main window. They work when imported into other text documents but I can’t view them specifically. The preview on the corkboard also doesn’t work. The images just appear to be a text file. I have included two screenshots below that illustrate this. It doesn’t happen for every picture but it happens for enough that it is becoming an issue. Is there a fix for this?
Thanks in advance.

It might be that you have not set a synopsis image on your document. Look at the synopsis area, switch to an image view and drop an image inside the area. This should show an image in your corkboard card.

Thanks, but that didn’t work. The image was imported into Scrivener so I want the synopsis image to be itself and scrivener won’t let me do that. You can’t drop an image into its own synopsis. Also, the other images didn’t need me to do that, it’s just a select few.

It could be that the image format is not properly loaded from Scrivener, or the image file format is not correct. If you send us via email the original image which is not displayed, we might be able to investigate this further.

You might also try to convert the image into another format and try reimporting it.

Converting it did work but it will be a pain to do it for all of the ones not displaying. It’s a png but other pngs from the same place and directory load just fine. To what email should I send one of the images?

In this case there is something funny within the format of the PNGs, that you are using, Serenical. Please, send us an image or two at: windows DOT support AT literatureandlatte DOT com. Have in mind that the response back might take some time, due to holiday season.