can't view more than one project window

Unless I’m missing something obvious, Scrivener seems to have lost the option of having more than one project open and visible onscreen at the same time.
It used to be that when I had more than one project open they would sit behind one another like browser windows. That way, I could position them so that two were side by side, which was handy for various things including dragging items from one to the other.
Now, though, when I have two or more projects open all I can do is cycle between them in a single window. What am I doing wrong?
I’m using Scrivener 3.02,

Sounds like you’ve got Apple’s ‘use tabs’ feature turned on, so your projects are being forced into tabs — that’s Apple’s fault, not Scrivener’s…

Go to System Preferences > Dock and you’ll probably see that Prefer tabs when opening documents is set to Always. Change it to something more sensible (I have it set to Manual as I think tabs are generally useless outside a browser).


… Or you can just drag the tab out of the window and that will separate it into two windows. I do this occasionally, because I find tabbed interfaces extremely useful with most of the programs I use.

I’m especially fond of tabs when viewing lots of quick reference windows in Scrivener; I only have to resize the the window once (they’re always the wrong size for me by default), and they’re all collected handily in one place with document names in the tabs.

brookter and rdale - thank you very much, that’s exactly what was happening . I hadn’t noticed the tabs for my various projects at the top of the pane.