Can't view web pages imported with Scrivener 2 for Mac on Scrivener 3 Beta on Windows.

I imported some research web pages on Mac and wanted to look at them on Windows. All I get is a nearly blank page.

Does this mean the Web pages are only embedded and not actually archived locally for offline viewing?



Moved to Windows beta forum.

This could also be a result of a synchronization error. Do text files created on the Mac appear correctly?


Yes, I have no problem with text files or imported PDFs.

I looked in the filesystem and the file created by importing the webpage looks like what it should be. So maybe it is a display problem in the Windows Beta? … 4.png?dl=0

I realize, webarchive is a proprietary Apple-only data format. This means I can’t access my research documents on Windows? o.O

Not necessarily. But without support for webarchive format, Scrivener can’t do it.

Safari (for Windows) is able to read those, and then you can save to some other format that Scrivener CAN read. Or drag and drop from Safari the bits you want (warning; dragging/dropping web content may still be a bit buggy).

There’s an app for Google Chrome that purports to be able to open them and save them as zipped HTML.

Microsoft Word can open them and save them to some other format.

There may be other software that can read them and write to a different format, but those are three that came up quickly in a Google search. I checked that Safari for Windows can read them, and it can.

That explains it. Thank you.