capacity of S and SG


i am beginning a year-long daily record of news events and would like to add the web page (.html) and any other related art (.jpg)

one question:

  1. is there a size limitation in MB or files for S (and for that matter SG)? or can i just merrily add web pages (i just looked and mine are 50+ kb each) and images (about 100-200kb) for a year? will there be a slowing of the app as it gets that big?




The only limitation is your hard drive. :slight_smile: There is no reason this should slow down S (or SG), either, because of the way files are stored. Because all text documents, web documents etc are saved separately within the .scriv file package, they are only ever loaded from disk as and when they are needed (ie. when they are loaded into a view when clicking in the binder). So, if you opened 10 files in a project with only 10 documents, you would be using more memory than if you opened 2 documents in a project with 1,000 documents (not that opening 10 documents takes up much memory at all). The only thing that can really slow down the app in certain instances is how you structure a project. If you have 1,000 documents in one folder, it may take a while to load them up to display them in corkboard or outliner. So just make sure you use folders and groups to keep a good, clean structure and you should be fine.

Hope that helps,

thanks. i am very organized in filing so i hope that will help. i do NOT intend to have any more files open than necessary but your info was very helpful and encouraging at the beginning of a this huge project

Does this imply, Keith, that you’re fully confident Scrivener 1.0 will have rock solid stability?

Er, it means that I hope it will and believe that it should do. But please don’t sue me if it crashes. :slight_smile:


Yes, for a while I did some stress testing with the application. The only fault I found is in dealing with the Corkboard and groups that have a large number of images, and this issue will be resolved in the second beta. In every other area, the performance of this application is stellar. Coming from Ulysses, this was an area of concern for me. Ulysses has problems dealing with even novella sized projects. It starts to get pretty bogged down at around 40k words or so on my system, when doing certain functions; functions which Scrivener’s analogue features handle seemingly without effort. One thing I have not tried is media rich documents. I have next to zero need for that, which is why. My guess would be, since Apple’s RTFD format handles media as files in a Bundle, and Scrivener handles documents as RTFD files in a Bundle, performance hits will be much less than one might expect.