Capitalisation of each word in document/folder titles

Hello to Keith and the team,

This one goes in the ‘quirk’ pile again, rather than bug: it’s a convenience issue that I hope could be improved in future iOS app releases.

I’ve noticed that, when entering or editing the title of a document or folder in the iOS app, the text field for the title is set to automatically capitalise each and every word of the document’s name — something which is rather frustrating when editing documents that use narrative or descriptive document titles.

This is a rather simple setting to adjust for a text field in Swift, so I hope it might be easily adjusted. It would be nice if the document title field defaulted to the capitalisation of the initial word but not others, allowing the user to capitalise the title as desired rather than having the capitalisation of each word thrust upon them whether they like it or not (especially given that, in iOS, there is no way to stop this function within a text field with that setting, so the shift key has to be manually pressed for each word to reset it to lowercase.)

This would also bring the functionality in the iOS version into alignment with the Mac version, so both apps behave in the same way in this regard — which is always nice.

Cheers, T.

+1 > Scrivener > Spellings & Substitutions > turn off “Text Fields Use Title Case”. :slight_smile:

I should have known you’d have had something for this tucked away! Thanks for pointing me (us) towards it!

Cheers, T.

No problem!