Capitalization Problem in TOC when Compiling for Kindle

My chapters don’t have titles, but I want them to show up as “CHAPTER ONE”, “CHAPTER TWO”, etc. in my compiled Kindle document. At the start of each actual chapter, they do, but in my TOC, they show up as “CHAPTER One”, “CHAPTER Two”, etc. Is there any way to change this? Here are a couple of screenshots of the settings I’m using. Thanks in advance for any help!

Change the small $t to uppercase $T in title prefix and you get it in uppercase.

Unfortunately, that didn’t work. I tried it and compiled again, but my TOC still says “CHAPTER One”, etc., exactly like before.

Actually it should be:

<$w> is word, <$t> is titlecase, <$W> is uppercase word…

Thank you, Nontroppo! That worked perfectly! Problem solved.