Capitalized proper words are also spellchecked

According to my knowledge, programs like Scrivener usually don’t spell check capitalized letters, unless the word in question is close to something in the dictionary. However, Scrivener spell checks every capitalized word, so proper fictional words and proper words not in the dictionary are checked with a spelling error.
Just a note, you can consider this a very low priority bug.
I am using version 024 Beta.


I don’t think it’s all that uncommon for a spellcheck to check capitalized words, but since the spell checking is up to the individual program it’s possible that this is just varies like everything else. In any case, I’ll check with Lee, but I really don’t think it’s something that’s going to be easy on his end to handle, since it’s part of the dictionary tool, and it would involve a lot of work since you’d have to distinguish between a word that’s just capitalized due to being at the beginning of a sentence vs. a word capitalized within a sentence, etc.

The best way to handle this really is just for you to add the specific proper names to your personal word list, either by right-clicking the word and choosing “Learn Spelling” or by going into Edit>Options, clicking the Auto-Correction tab and then choosing “View Personal Word List” and adding a bunch of names at once there. Unfortunately there are some bugs still with the dictionary tool so that various triggers can cause the spell-check to not consult your personal word list; it’s fixable for now by adding a new word to the list or otherwise modifying it, but obviously that’s just a short-term fix until Lee gets the bug corrected.

Also worth knowing is that the word list is saved in your preferences, so you might want to back those up occasionally by using the “Save Preferences” option of the “Manage…” drop-down in Edit>Options.