Capitalizes first letter of a line when *any* space is typed

I love the Beta! You’re making great progress. Can’t wait to buy the release version!!

Here’s a little bug:

Scrivener capitalizes the first letter of a new line. This is good! For example, I type “after” at the beginning of a new line, and Scrivener changes it to “After”.

But I found that when the first letter is not capitalized (for instance, if I reversed the capitalization because I don’t want a capital letter), Scrivener continues to capitalize that original first letter of the line every time I type a space elsewhere in the line. For example, if I type “iPods”, Scrivener changes it to “IPods”. If I go back and make the “i” lower case, then every time I type a space later in the sentence, Scrivener again changes the first word to “IPods”.

This is a challenge for at least 3 reasons: (1) This is not typical behavior for a word processor. (2) This is a problem if the user doesn’t want capitals, as perhaps in a bulleted list. (3) When text is pasted into scrivener from the clipboard and has line breaks [as might be text from an email], this creates problems with some methods of removing the line breaks. For instance I usually place my cursor at the end of the penultimate line and type [delete] to bring the final line up into the penultimate line, followed by a space between words. When I then go up to the line above that, and do the same, I find the first letter of the penultimate line has been capitalized (even though it actually belongs mid-sentence).

Try it! Paste this text in a Scrivener doc:

The first line begins a short
sentence. But the second one
launches a much longer sentence
with a prepositional phrase.

Place your cursor after the word “sentence” and type delete. This works as expected. Now type a space. You’ll see the word “launches” has been capitalized. Now place your cursor after the word “one” above it. Type delete, then space. You’ll see you now have a capitalized word “Launches” in the middle of a sentence.

Hope this is an easy fix! If not, it’s probably not important enough to fix before the Windows 1.0 release. But it sure would be nice!!

Many thanks!

Sorry, forgot to say I’m running Beta 1.6 on Windows XP.

(It’s my work laptop… I’m also a very happy Scrivener for Mac user at home on my iMac!!)