Capitalizing attribution tag after question mark in quote.

When I have a quotation ending in a question mark, Scrivener insists on capitalizing the first word in the attribution tag (using autocorrect):

“What’s an example?” You ask.

It doesn’t do this when the quote ends in a comma:

“Here’s how it should work,” he replied.

“You mean, like this?” you asked.

[I don’t know if this is a tech support question–a setting somewhere I’ve missed–or a bug report.]

Scrivener gets this right but Mac OS doesn’t.

In the Scrivener Corrections preferences, ensure you have ‘Fix Capitalization of Sentences’ checked.

But then, click the option for the System Text Preferences and make sure Capitalize Words Automatically is turned off.

This should solve the problem with both question marks and exclamation marks.

Thanks. That does it.