Caps Lock Notification

HI! Let me start by saying that Scriverner for iOS is Amazing. I am still getting used to the interface, and how to get around in it, but so far I am very impressed. However, there is one issue, and it’s not even a Scrivener issue but you may be able to fix it, at least in your app.

Currently I am using an iPad Pro 12.9 inch with the Smart Keyboard. Well, it really isn’t that smart, but I do like it. In iOS, no matter the application, there is no way to tell if Caps Lock is on other than looking at the suggested words. They will be in Caps if it is on. I am not a UI designer, but it would be great if you could figure out something a little more noticeable.

Don’t the letters shown on the keyboard change from lower to upper case when you toggle? Also the shift button changes to designate the lock.

Thelgord is talking about using an external keyboard, so this doesn’t apply. (And the keyboard in question doesn’t have a capslock LED.)

Ah, smart keyboard - didnt catch that.

Or the Logitech Create keyboard (which I have). Has a Caps Lock key but it doesn’t illuminate to let you know caps lock is active, it merely acts as a toggle.

Yes, exactly. It’s one of the few UI choices I think Apple didn’t do well with.

In iOS, there is a toggle in Settings/General/Keyboard to turn off caps lock completely for people who find it non-useful.

iOS Scrivener appears to be ignoring that setting…

Nope. I tested this in a few other apps. The setting appears to only apply to software keyboards, doesn’t work for hardware keyboards anywhere.

I’d say this is on the external keyboard designer.

The iOS software keyboard does show whether upper or lower case letters are available. If the hardware keyboard designer couldn’t be bothered to spend 50 cents on an LED, that’s not really something Apple can control.


But Apples Smart keyboard has no Caps Lock LED, has it? And surely Apple could control that… :wink:

No it doesn’t. Really kinda of anoying. I wish there were more keyboard options that used the smart connector.

There will be if the rumors of the “iPhone 7 Pro” or iPhone 7 Plus or whatever it ends up being called are true about that device having a Smart Connector too. I love this Logitech keyboard case with my iPad Pro 12.9.

I love my iPad Pro, without any keyboard, and my 12" Macbook with its built-in keyboard! :smiley: