Capturing punctuation errors - specially with spaces

First off, I would like to mention that I m very happy with Scrivener. I use it to write novels.

Virtually the only problem that I face is while editing my manuscript. I particularly have an issue with spaces. (My theory is that my space bar tends to add extra spaces or swallows them once in a while-- just to be bloody-minded.

It will help considerably if Scrivener helps in removing or adding the extra spaces as necessary. (The facility to remove multiple spaces helps a great deal)

Whether there should be a space (either before after) depends on the punctuation mark used.

I have attached a file with he table explaining the details.

I have made a table of the default settings to be used (in my opinion). The ‘No’ s can be hard noose and the ‘yes’ changeable to ‘no’. this is so that someone does not ruin their manuscript beyond recovery.
Print_Area.pdf (14.9 KB)