Card opacity when dragging to the binder

I’ve tried searching the forum for this issue and I’m really surprised that it seemingly hasn’t been raised by anyone. I then posted the below to the Feedback forum but was redirected to Technical Support.

I’m using Scrivener 2. When I drag cards from the corkboard to the binder (to re-order them or move cards under a different folder), the cards become semi-transparent so you can see the blue horizontal indicator in the binder beneath it which shows its placement. My issue is simply this: it isn’t transparent enough. I always struggle to see the blue indicator properly. I find myself trying to position the card under the mouse pointer in such a way that I have enough space to see. Otherwise the card is too obscuring. I would really love a slider in the corkboard options to adjust the transparency.

Does anyone else find this to be an issue, or at least an annoyance? Has it been discussed elsewhere? Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? And for technically minded people: might there be a key in the Windows registry where this could be manipulated? (I appreciate that that’s a long shot.)

Thanks for your thoughts on this.

Hello Meaney,
I don’t believe that there is the facility to adjust the opacity of the index card when dragging. The reason why it has not come up much in the forum is probably because although it is easy to shuffle the index cards around on screen within the active folder displayed. It is far easier to move documents from one folder to another using the outliner, or just using the shortcut keys in the binder itself.

If your method is most preferable for you then you will be happy to know that Scriv 3 which is just around the corner is much clearer with your method. The fade is greater on the index card making it easier to see the binder behind it.
I would suggest for now that you make the binder wider (drag the side) and keep slightly to the right of the binder when moving your cards around. This allows you to see the blue location line easier.

The facility to move the index cards like you have been doing has not been in the windows version all that long. Windows is catching up with the Mac version. Scrivener 3 for windows is a much improved beast and is due for release on the… ack… batteries out on keyboard…

Thanks so much for your comprehending and considered reply, Argoed!