Card view needs better visual organization

Card view is essential for visual writers and plotters.
Card view needs tweaks. Better visual organization.
(1) The card view needs to spend more precious screen real estate on text and less on corkboard.
(2) Need to be able to edit all visible fields in card view.
(3) Need fatter line around box for visual clarity.
(4) Need color changes: line, interior of box, text.
(5) In addition to that, not all cards are created equal. Need to have cards with option to expand visible view.
(6) Also need 3 different types of arrows so writers can see how themes are carried forward from card to card, jumping others in what is essentially a linear progression.

This isn’t really what the corkboard is for - it’s a visual representation of the contents of a folder.

To address each point, though:

  1. I’m not sure what you mean here, but there needs to be some spacing between cards so that things aren’t too cluttered. You can already adjust the spacing between cards using the corkboard tools pop-up, though.

  2. You already can edit all visible fields in card view. Just double-click to edit.

  3. Thick lines around the cards would look rather ugly - I think the current appearance is much better.

  4. You can already change the colours of the cards - have you checked out Tools > Options? Colours are fully customisable.

  5. Again, I’m not entirely sure what you mean here, but if you mean that some cards should be of different heights, I played with this idea in the past and it didn’t work well. The metaphor is of index cards, and the intention is for them to contain brief synopses.

  6. The corkboard is a visual representation of the contents of a folder, it is not a mind-map or anything like that, so arrows would have no meaning in this context.

Thanks for your feedback!

All the best,

Have you tried using Scapple for that part of your workflow and then importing the map into the Scrivener Binder?

I think the concept in question would be to have the cork board work a bit more like Scapple. I would like to be able to move cards around, but not be locked into say a 3 collumn grid where the cards have to occupy every space across.

x’s represent cards in positions. “_” represent spaces with no cards.

     x   x   x
     x   x   x
     x   x   x

Would like something like:

     x  _     x
     x   x_
     x   x   x

You can already do this by entering freeform corkboard mode (Mac only at the moment).