'Card' Wrap on Corkboard

Scrivener users often write scenes (as Scrivenings) that form parts of chapters. When looking at the corkboard, chapter breaks often aren’t obvious. I’ve resorted to using different color cards for the start of a chapter and even blank cards to force a chapter to start on a new line of the cordboard, but that’s clumsy and time consuming.

Why not include a new checkbox in the Inspector next to Page Break Before. Called something like “Card Break Before,” it would force wrap that card to the next line of the corkboard, indicating a new chapter. In the process, it’d make the Scrivener corkboard more like a real-life corkboard.

Even better, it would add visual stability to the corkboard. As it is now, moving a single card to a new location rearranges most of the board, leaving our mind confused about what is where. Now most of the cards would stay in the same location.

The idea is that different chapters are put into different folders or containers. The 2.0 corkboard will do what you want if you use different containers…
All the best,

This is a cool idea, Inkling!

Is it do-able, Keith? You say we’ll be able to do it in 2.0, but it sounds as though we still won’t be able to look at all our cards laid out on the Corkboard in visible groups.

Or is the idea that cards on the Corkboard would be grouped by folder with a visible break in between each folder? I’d be very happy with that.

I’m at the corkboard stage right now, laying out a ‘journey’ novel, and as both journey sequence and narrative sequence are still wide open, I have hundreds of snippets of scenes and at times can’t see the wood for the trees. To be able to scroll up and down through Corkboard (or Outliner) swapping scenes between visible groups would be brilliant.

Thanks again for all your work, Keith. Scrivener is priceless.


Well, I don’t want to say too much about 2.0 just yet, but let’s just say you’ll be happy.
All the best,