Cards lose their 'stack' graphic in corkboard

If you’re working with two editors, one of them a corkboard, then the cards look like this:
If you select the card on the left (the one with sub-items), and then switch focus to the other editor (by clicking with the mouse), then the same cards look like this:
The left hand card has lost its ‘stack’ graphic. You can tell from its icon that it still contains sub-items.

It’s just that the card on the left has a selection border with inactive editor focus around it once you switch to the other editor. Click in the first editor anywhere but on an index card: the stack graphic should be there again, because now no card has the selection any more (neither active nor inactive). Same thing should happen when you select the card. Then a colored selection border should overlay the stack graphic. My activation/highlight color is dark red so you see this more clearly:

not selected, editor focus is irrelevant:
selected, focus in same editor:
selected, focus in other editor:

Yeah, you’re right.
The bug is that in my version of Scrivener, in your third case the card’s ‘selection border’ appears to be part of the background, and so the two cards (in my second picture) appear the same. The ‘selection border’ should remain visible, as it does in your example. It must be something to do with the colour scheme I have chosen. Though that is hardly unusual in any way.

What is really funny though and which I only now, when making the screen shots, discovered is when you enter a synopsis in the stacked Script Page document, then the stack icon disappears and is replaced by a single document icon. But only when at the same time there is text in the parent document. Do you have that effect too?

Indeed the problem comes from two places. Your background matches the non-active color used to shade the area around the cards. Because of this your inactive selection looks very much like a shadowed card. The second problem is that Scrivener hides the stacked decoration, when the card with sub-children is selected. I agree this can be improved.

Is the ‘non-active colour used to shade the background round the cards’ one that can be changed in Options? I can’t immediately see it.
Linus - how did you get ‘My activation/highlight color is dark red’?

simeva, this is a Windows setting. If I translate the element to apply the color change to I’d say you have to look for “Selected Elements” or “Selection Background” in the System Settings section where you can change the Windows Design.

I’ve never been able to find this in Windows 10. Is it still accessible somewhere?

Sorry, no clue. I try to stay away from Windows as much as possible. If there are apps which require Windows and which I find useful I do use Wine (via PlayOnLinux). For some rare cases I do have a Windows7-Installation in VirtualBox but never got into the inner workings of Windows10. But Google should know.

Right, ok. Unless you’ve got some tricksy registry hack, I’m pretty sure this red shadow thing ain’t possible in Win10. Google don’t know nothing.

Just in case anyone’s interested, the solution here is to darken the corkboard background a little, so that the ‘ghosted’ selection frame is still visible when the editor loses focus. Like this: Capture.PNG