Cards on Corkboard (size)

I started using Scrivener about a year ago and just downloaded/bought the new version, entered the serial-number, and everything seemed to work just fine. But now I’m not sure, if I’m using the proper version, or if there’s still some old one on my computer, that keeps popping up. (I uninstalled and reinstalled it two times by now.) Does the new version look any different than the beta-version?


I just tried changing the size of the cards on the corkboard, followed the instructions in the manual, but there’s not even the option to change it. All I can do is choose between “autofit” and a certain number of cards to be displayed.

It’s probably a problem on my side, but I don’t see what I’m doing wrong here. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

You can check the version of Scrivener installed by going to Help > About Scrivener. The version number will be listed at the bottom of the panel.

To change the card size, open the corkboard in the editor, and then in the editor footer click the button on the right that looks like four rectangles together. This will bring up a little panel with various options including a slider for the size. As long as you don’t have “fit to editor” checked, you’ll be able to adjust this and see the card sizes change in real time on the corkboard.

Thanks for the reply. I was just about to delete my post, because I found my mistake.

So let me just add to your answer: Activate “Show Footer View”

Aw crumbs, and I had it in my head to write that and then completely forgot during the actual typing of the message. :blush: Glad you figured it out!

(So right, for anyone else with this question: View > Layout > Show Footer View.)