I would like the ability to make a list on individual cards. It would be very helpful to be able to do bullet points on the index. There are time I would like to list several major points under one heading, bullet points would help, visually, to see them.


You can just hit return (if you turn off the option to have return end editing in the “Navigation” preferences) or Opt-return (if you don’t) and then type a bullet manually - Opt-8 on the Mac. (I was going to post a screenshot, but it seems that Skitch on my MacBook Air has updated itself to the useless new Evernote version of Skitch that no longer allows me to upload screenshots to our own server, grr.)

Hope that helps.

All the best,

its infuriating isnt it?! even with the ‘new new’ sketch its still next to useless… :frowning:

It was one of my most-used apps, too - it was absolutely invaluable for support. Being able to take a screenshot, resize it, annotate it, upload it and have the URL on the pasteboard all in a matter of seconds made our support jobs much easier. I can’t believe they’ve crippled it so badly.