Carriage return mischief: Is it something I did or a bug?

I’m writing a book, and have been using Scrivener with adoration during the past 12 months plus.

(1) All of a sudden, when I am working in a handful of certain new chapters (all begun within the past two weeks) when I hit “entry” to start a new paragraph, I get a rectangle (see “reference one” in attached). I’m sure it is a function of some sort that has a name, but I’ve never seen it before and have no use for it.

(2) Up above, my font indicator thingie (pardon the technical terms) goes dim, but not before changing the spacing from 2.0x to 1.0x (see “reference two” in attached). If I go to another chapter the rectangle mentioned above follows into that chapter.

(3) If I hit “enter” twice within the original chapter I was working on, I lose my formatting and my font (see font, line spacing, etc., “reference three” in attached).

Perhaps I have not set my fonts properly, or I did something. I just updated the most recent version. This glitch-screwup-bug-whatever has brought my work to a grinding halt, on the 28th chapter (I’m planning on about 35). I apologize if I am overlooking something obvious but I have absolutely no clue what to do about this. Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Please help.
2014 Oct 31 Scrivener Q.pdf (77.8 KB)

Hi, Trevanion, and welcome to the forum.

It seems that you may have inadvertently selected Script mode. Just disable it by pressing Ctrl-4 and things should go back to normal.

Genius! (and obviously I am not…) That did it, all fixed. Thank you so much.