Carrying formatting through between systems

I’m being driven batty (to use the British term) by Scrivener body text formatting.

Due to Circumstances, I’m having to reinstall Scrivener on varying systems. I’m using the latest Windows version in Wine on a Linux system (Mint 18, specifically) and in general it’s working like a champ (I’ll just call this Windows for simplicity). I also sync via Dropbox and edit on an iPad, and that too is flawless.

When I create new text documents in a project on my iPad, the files don’t pick up the default formatting when I reopen them in Windows. My chosen background color is fine, but not the default typeface, font size or font color. When I try to apply the body text format I’ve defined for the project, the font is picked up but not the color. When I select all in the text and try to define the font color, it stubbornly remains black. Going to another text in the project and redefining Body from the current (correctly formatted) selection does nothing either.

I haven’t done much to redefine presets on the iPad yet…could that be part of the problem?

I can’t simply work in the default appearance…black text on white gives me a headache. Frankly, problems like this, defining a comfortable working environment and keeping it, have driven me away from Scrivener in the past. Now that the iOS version exists, I intend to stay, but I’d rather be writing than futzing around with the environment.

Help me, Obi-wans.