Case sensitivity question pls

i did something that somehow magically caused all my “auto complete lists” esp my character names to be in upper and lower case — it used to be the characters would all autocomplete with their upper case names - now i start typing, the autocomplete does its thing - but i have to go back and retype the character’s name in upper case - really slows me down ---- also, is there a way to tell it to just autocomplete the characters / or the characters and slug lines - instead of everything - sometimes i start typing in a character’s name - the autocomplete then completes with a really long sentence that i mightve started in an “action” description - i guess i dont understand how a phrase or sentence even gets included in the autocomplete list - but it’s getting really time-consuming to have to constantly go into the autocomplete list and delete phrases / sentences / etc… any help would be most appreciated - thank u kindly TM

You can edit the auto-complete list via Project > Edit Auto-Complete List. Scrivener adds things to that list automatically in lowercase with a capital, and uppercases things automatically when typing or auto-completing in script element that is uppercase. Whereabouts is this proving to be a problem?

Also, there’s no way not to have everything as part of the auto-complete (unless you remove stuff you don’t want or edit the script settings not to automatically add phrases for elements you’re not bothered about) because Scrivener isn’t a dedicated scriptwriting package and so does not understand the difference between different parts of different elements.

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Yeah, as Keith said, the best way to handle this is probably to open Format>Scriptwriting>Script Settings, click the Auto-Complete tab, and then go through each of your elements and deselect the box to automatically add phrases to the project list and also probably deselecting the box to include the project auto-complete list. Then you can add only the words you want to each element’s individual list, ensuring that you don’t get scene heading options when typing in the character element, etc.

ok - it does now autocomplete my character names - but it does so in the same way Scrivener places it into the list - i.e. uppercase first letter and then rest is lowecase ---- but then it doesnt autocomplete my character names in all uppercase ---- i can go thru and change all my character names in the autocomplete list to make them all uppercase (instead of upper and lower as Scrivener does when building the list) but i thought Scrivener would automatically know to take a name from the autocomplete list that may be in upper & lowercase and if it’s autocompleting a character name, it’ll make it all uppercase - and right now it’s not doing that for me - thanks !

Did you double-check that the “all caps” style is still checked for the Character element in Script Settings (under the Font tab)? It should auto-capitalize regardless of how it appears in the auto-correct list, and it’s working properly when I try this, so I’m not sure how to get what you’re seeing.

That was it !!!

Thanks very much. TM

ok - now it’s getting worse !!

i have ALL CAPS checked for the SCENE HEADINGS and CHARACTERS — when i start to enter a scene heading… it does pull up a list of possible autocompletes from my list… when i click the one i want and hit tab, it does indeed enter it on my scene heading line, but not as all caps - uggghhh !!!