Cases, menus and document types

I’ve been using the case changing options a lot over the past couple of days since I’ve been trying out the UK stage script template for something I’m trying to write. There’s a keyboard shortcut for capitalising the first letter of each word, but not yet for making selected text all lower or uppercase. I don’t know how much coding this would take, but I think it’d be easier if there were one for the other two case options too. Or a button for them, even. It just takes a while to change several areas when you have to go through menus to find it.

It’s been a bit fiddly to get each document laid out correctly too. The text in this template automatically comes up in all caps first, and I had to bring up an awkward-to-find menu to change it all back to general text and then adjust the case of everything I’d typed. I bought up this menu once accidentally and then had to try to work out how to bring it back as it wasn’t on any of the regular menus along the top of the screen. Adding it to one would be helpful. It’s also awkward to have to hold down shift to double space a paragraph. Holding shift doesn’t always work for me and I have to keep getting rid of the menu and retrying.

And finally, it would be nice to be able to convert a script page to a regular text document instead of just to a folder. I’ve tried concerting to a folder and then seeing if there’s an option to convert to a simple text document, but no luck. Of course, I’d have used regular documents if I’d known in advance how the script pages work. But unfortunately when I realised, I’d already assigned labels, statuses and descriptions to a lot of them and it will take a while to remake them all.

I guess I’ll have to do that for now to avoid having to change the cases etc. in everything else, and I’ll know now to use the other document type. But I think it’d be easier for new users in the future to be able to convert them. If I’d started out with that template before writing anything else, it would have been quite offputting to have to remake everything.

Regarding changing from a script page to a text page, just turn off script mode for that document. The only difference between a script document and a regular text document is that one is in script mode and the other is not. You can toggle at will (Format > Scriptwriting > turn off scriptwriting mode).

As for the case shortcuts, I’ll have to leave a Windows bod to answer that. On the Mac, users can assign keyboard shortcuts to menu items themselves (this is a feature of OS X). I know you can edit keyboard shortcuts in via the Tools > Options feature of the Windows version, but it only seems to allow you to edit shortcuts for menu items that already have shortcuts assigned. Let me check with the Windows team why that is.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

That menu option is greyed out, but I did find out how to turn off the all caps thing under the same menu, so that’s something. :slight_smile: