Cat-Created Icon Color Chaos

I tried searching for this issue, thinking maybe a color blind option had been enabled, but I’m truly at a loss for this or what evil my cat has unleashed. Nothing terribly impactful, just visually annoying as I rely on a lot of color coding to organize things.

Basically, cat plopped down on keyboard, and now icon colors make no sense. I actually don’t even have these colors as icons. For reference, all these icons are selected as yellow, and they show up as several different colors. I’ve been browsing for some kind of automatic gradient option? But found nothing. I’ve reset and reinstalled the icons as well as my entire theme, and the cat won’t tell me what he did either. So, any help for this odd issue is much appreciated.


My guess is that the cat used the View ▸ Use Label Color in ▸ Icons menu command. :slight_smile:


I have never seen this option, so thank you for undoing the chaos my cat has created! He thanks you as I’ve been questioning him all day.

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