Cat fell on keyboard deleting text. It's not in the backup. Help!

My cat jumped on my desk and fell on my keyboard while I was editing. He moved half of chapter 8 into a new text file/doc/page and deleted several paragraphs.

Ctrl + Z did not undo. The backups showed before I wrote 2 chapters last night and after the cat “improved” my story.

Does Scrivener automatically save every so often like Google Docs? Where can I find these saves?

Scrivener autosaves every few seconds (when you’re not actually typing), but it’s all in the same place, one project version, not a series of project versions. The latter would be impractical, since a project can comprise thousands of RTF files, images, an XML index (Binder) file, etc. Saving a new version every few seconds would become a problem, not a solution.

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By default Scrivener saves up to 5 backups of the same project. It roulates them, so the latest date determines the most recent backup, not the numbers.
The backup file location can be Found in Project > Project Settings > Backups.

Maybe your text is still in an older backup?

What do you mean by showed in this context?

There’s a backup from before I added 2 chapters. Then a backup after the cat rearranged and deleted the last chapter.

I don’t think the word showed means all that, but now I get what you meant.