Cataloging sheet music


I am looking for a method of collating all my sheet music, including associated audio and video recordings; notes; Sibelius application files; and metadata for PDF’s and forScore iPad application PDF reader.

I have been using Windows folder hierarchy and dumping files in them but it’s messy, limited search and so forth. I wish to add capability to identify the status of transposing pieces, conversions and much more.

Could I use Scrivener to manage all these files, add metadata and do forth, such that it offers significant value over my current legacy process, and if so how shall I begin this journey please?

Cheers, Colin

I believe if the files you want to import aren’t text files, they have to be in the Research folder. This isn’t a big problem, though, as you can still assign Labels, Status, and Custom Meta-Data to any files in the Research folder.

So, you can open a Scrivener project and drag whatever files you want to import to the Research folder. (You might get a message, if you haven’t disabled it previously, stating that documents will be converted to RTF upon import. This only affects documents imported into the actual Manuscript folder, and won’t affect things brought into the Research folder). Then you can apply whatever meta-data you want. Alternatively, when viewing the Research folder in the Editor (via Corkboard or Outliner views), you can right-click and choose to Add>Files and select what to import.

Be aware that the original file won’t disappear, it will just be copied to the project folder. The copy in the project folder won’t have a proper name when viewed through Windows Explorer, just a number. So, if you want to find the imported file later in Windows it might be more convoluted than you’re looking for. Of course, you could just open the Scrivener project again and drag and drop from Scriv to your desktop or another directory, so it’s not that big of a deal.