Cataloging sheet music


I am looking for a method of collating all my sheet music, including associated audio and video recordings; notes; Sibelius application files; and metadata for PDF’s and forScore iPad application PDF reader.

I have been using Windows folder hierarchy and dumping files in them but it’s messy, limited search and so forth. I wish to add capability to identify the status of transposing pieces, conversions and much more.

Could I use Scrivener to manage all these files, add metadata and do forth, such that it offers significant value over my current legacy process, and if so how shall I begin this journey please?

I think you’d be better off with some kind of database software.

I wrote a database application for this. It’s available for free at

Well, kind of free.

@MajorMajor: I don’t understand your comment, “kind of free.” In what way is my application not free?

Sorry, you still have this on your website and it confused me.

My mistake. That’s the old documentation. Thanks for pointing it out to me. I just now modified that page of documentation online to remove the reference to the paid version.

I also discovered that when I went from paid version to free version I neglected to change the software license that pops up on installation. When I have time I’ll change that to some kind of freeware license.

But the software is free, because I could no longer afford the time and effort to support a paid version, but I did not want the application to disappear completely.

Thanks for providing the software. Very generous of you.