Catalogue or list of Scrivener projects?

For my work, I do a new broadcast every day on a different topic. So I create a new Scrivener project for each broadcast. That way, my references, research, and final copy are all in one place. The trouble is in easily accessing a list or library of my various Scrivener projects. I do keep them in the same folder, but it would be nice if I could put them in a discrete list, catalogue, index or library for easy access, searching, and opening.

Does such an option exist?

Thanks much!

You might benefit from one of the many available tools for better file and folder organisation. Leap comes to mind, though it is somewhat idiosyncratic and doesn’t fit everyone—it’s good if you like the things it provides.

But the Mac comes with a lot of organisation power all by itself, for free. Spotlight remains viable with Scrivener. Phrases within it will be found by searching, so you could add indexing information to a text document anywhere in the Binder, like down below the Trash. Anything you type into it will be available to Spotlight, and a Smart Folder could be set up to narrow things down to “Kind:Other:Scrivener Project”. When you open that Smart Folder in the future, you’ll get a search field that you can use to narrow down the list even further based on your indexing information.

Try taking a look at While you’re doing broadcasts, he does blogging. However, he talks about how he uses Evernote to do what it appears you’re after—how to store meta information.