Causality Story Sequencer?


I found this program when looking at their site for another app they sell, but Hollywood Camera Work’s app Causality ( is a visual story outliner. It has no integration with Scrivener whatsoever at this point, but you can write a script or book with it. I find it is probably ok at that but it is amazing as a visual story outliner.

I have not yet seen a tool such as this for planning story structure and is a real boon for a complicated story I am working on. I’d be curious to hear other people’s reactions to this new way of working.


Thanks Mark,

I just had a very quick look at this, and I’m going to dive in a little bit deeper with the free version over the week-end. I’ve been research and writing a complex non-fiction work (many conceptual and historical strands) for a number of years now and though all of the writing and local organisation is done - naturally - in Scapple and Scrivener, this looks like it might be a boon with the complete overview. At the moment I’m using a combination of Aeon and Tinderbox for this and it’s beginning to teeter, so the relative simplicity of this might actually be a better way.

I’ve found that the visual overview that Causality helps me juggle a story that takes place over many, many years and has many threads, to be very helpful. I found that you could make what they call Subtext Arcs and non-linearly store traits, themes, etc and see when you have included these things in your beats. The next version(1.1) adds some features that make mapping character things even easier. I am looking forward to trying that version.

The free version so far has been sufficient for me as I try it as a tool to tackle outlining a complex narrative.

I also use tools like Aeon Timeline and Tinderbox. I find this might replace how I use Tinderbox. I find Aeon Timeline handles time better than anything else, while Causality is helping me chart my plot. Then I return to Scrivener to write with confidence in my structure and timelines.

Glad the tools we can access is getting more broad and exciting.